A paper menu adds more elegance and friendliness to the experience. To protect a menu from spills and wear, it may be protected by laminating. Matt lamination gives a soft, contemporary effect. Gloss lamination gives a higher quality shine finish. Lamination is most useful with solid colours or images to enhance their vibrancy or where you want to protect your menu covers.


We are specializing in custom designed restaurant menu covers in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and finishes.

Perfect for achieving a rustic appearance, these covers are available in numerous sizes and styles.  Each cover is tailor made to suit you and to match the ambiance of your establishment.


The menu reflects the unique personality of the place, the cuisine it is serving and the mood it wants its customers to take back with them once they leave. So whether it’s a speciality menu, a dine-in, take-away or giant menus, we will serve them up.

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